We hope that many of you can escape your winter training grounds to enjoy the island charm of this British colony. You have your choice of the marathon, half-marathon on Sunday or the 10K on Saturday. Or you can participate in the Bermuda Triangle Challenge – run the KPMG Bermuda Invitational Mile on Friday evening, the 10K on Saturday morning and either the full or half-marathon on Sunday morning. “Survivors” receive a special T-shirt and medal in addition to their three finisher’s medals and t-shirts from the individual events. Our tour dates allow for plenty of sightseeing time. Bermuda is under two hours flying time from NY, Boston, Philly, Atlanta, etc. airports!!!


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Race Options

Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 1 mile


Mid January, 2016
(race dates Jan. 15-17)

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, located off the east coast of North America. Famous for its pink-sand beaches, subtropical climate, and extremely friendly and welcoming people, you will fall in love with this idyllic paradise.


5 StarsThanks for helping my family members to complete our various Bermuda Marathon events, Joe. Our son-in-law has already registered for another run in May and intends to participate in the Manitoba Marathon this June. Thanks for helping him rediscover his love of running. Our daughter is pleased with her accomplishment, having completed her first-ever half marathon in 2:55, and will also be running in the Manitoba Marathon this summer. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the 10K walk, and have set a goal to improve our time and find different terrains to spice training up for we prairie dwellers. Thank you for the role you played in all of that.

I hope you are happy with all that you accomplished that weekend. You should be. You helped so many others by generously sharing your knowledge, time and encouragement. You were a Bermuda blessing!

Danita Brisson

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